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Centos6 upgrade procedure


We recently introduced centos6 support to address the end of life of centos5. A new ISO installer is available that can be burned on a DVD.

Keep in mind you can't run a cluster of HSMX where one is on centos5 and the other on Centos6

Backup of HSMX

Before starting the installation of the HSMX firmware based on Centos6 you need to take a backup of the current HSMX.

See Create a backup

Note: Don't forget to download the backup to your PC because the entire disk will be wiped during the upgrade process.

Interface Order

Make a screenshot of the interface order. It is possible the interface order changes when when the new HSMX software is installed. Especially when you have ethernet expansion cards or already have a custom interface order.

See Network => Interface Order

As a first step after the install of the OS check the interface order when you gain access to HSMX.

Download and burn the image

The actual installation

Boot from CDrom

  • Step 1 install

choose Install HSMX or the automated one) below we describe “Install HSMX”

  • Step 2 check media (optional)

  • Step 3 Storage device warning (Discard Any data (start clean))

  • Step 4 Keyboard selection

  • Step 5 Installation type (Use All Space)

  • Step 6 Optional packages (mysql / virtualization tools)

  • Step 7 Installing…

  • Step 8 Complete…

Post installation

Restore your backup

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