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-====== ​Help ======+====== ​Contact ​======
 Contact or call us at +32 3 296 29 78. Contact or call us at +32 3 296 29 78.
 +**License inquiries**
 +When you have troubles with your license, please send the <​q>​Install code</​q>​ or <​q>​Machine ID</​q>​ with your request ([[howto:​configure-and-verify-licensing#​findyourinstallcodeormachineid|find your Install Code or Machine ID]]).
 +**Remote access**
 +If you wish for us to log onto your HSMX machine for troubleshooting;​ make sure to provide remote access details and credentials in your inquiry. In order of preference we reach the HSMX using a public IP, a port-forwarded SSH port or  VPN tunnel.
 +Alternatively we can access the HSMX with your [[howto:​configure-and-verify-licensing#​findyourinstallcodeormachineid| licensing]] details and credentials. Don't forget to [[howto/​enable-or-disable-remote-access|enable remote access]] on the HSMX.
 +**Security Mailing List**
 +Subscribe to our (irregularly) published security mailing list and be informed about security updates related to HSMX in a timely manner. To subscribe send an e-mail to ​
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