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Add a new portal page

  • Click on Layout → Portal page and click on in the upper right corner
  • Pick a name and choose the type of portal you want to use. Confirm with Add
  • Portals of type HSMX can be adapted and editted from within the HSMX management web-interface (edit a portal)
  • Next up pick an authentication method: currently we offer (HTTP) cookie-based authentication and MAC based authentication (OSI Layer 2). The outcome of this choice determines the manner how clients are authenticated to a subscriber profile.
  • Login settings contains two options: vouchers and in-house-guest access. The first option is used most commonly in combination with PayPal, Voucher/Reload Cards, Creditcards. In-house-guest is used in combination with a PMS system.
  • Registration forms are used to redistribute free accessible Internet
  • If you desire to allow subscribers change their billing plan then “allow billing plan change on login” needs to be enabled

See Also:

  • You will also need to edit the rule Create a rule. You only need to change the portal page.
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