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Add an admin account

  1. Click on System → access control → users
  2. Click on the icon in the submenu
  3. Fill in the required fields

Note: by default accounts are blocked, don't forget to uncheck the option.

Note: it's important to make the distinction between subscriber and user. Users covers are more conventionally known as administrative roles. Subscribers access the internet and users manage the HSMX.

There are three types of users:

  • Super users: have all permissions and can do everything. Tick Super User to select.
  • Users: can perform actions depending on their permissions.
  • POS users: can depending on their permissions print and overview subscriptions for specific billing plans, charge rooms and possibly modify the print-template. Tick POS to enable.

Super users

Are allowed to do everything, be sparse when granting this type of permissions.


Users can execute certain actions depending on their permissions.

POS users

POS users can login on the HSMX web-management interface and create vouchers, reload-cards and login credentials. The first option Type defines what the POS user will be able to print. Select the to the POS user available billing plans and tick every mandated field (subscriber details).

The output is set by POS content, by default a rich-text editor is shown to create a custom design. You can use placeholders that HSMX will replace by the actual values (see: create-a-template).

Note: make sure to select the POS content accordingly to Type It's required to specify the dimensions of POS content output in POS dimensions. This will stretch or compress the print. In Code settings you can define the voucher-format.

Enable the available columns for Subscriber Overview if Subscriber Overview is enabled in Rights

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