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Configure DSCP or TOS

You can configure the used DSCP, ToS and ECN value per billing-plan. Once the billing-plan is assigned it will apply the setting to traffic generated from the subscriber from the HSMX to WAN and back from the HSMX to the subscriber. This allows the administrator to better manage traffic prioritization if properly configured in the switching stack.

 IP Precedence is ToS The difficulty with TOS/DSCP/ECN is these 8 bits in the IP header have been redefined multiple times by the IETF standards (in RFC 791, RFC 1122, RFC 1349, RFC 2474 and RFC 3168). Make sure you to select to correct setting that matches your switching stack.


  • TOS
    To configure ToS (or IP Precedence in the scheme) edit your billing-plan and use the drop-down to select TOS value. The input field accepts whole numbers between zero and seven.

  • DSCP
    Select DSCP as type and enter a value between 0 and 63.
  • Full Byte
    This allows full control over the ToS byte in the IP header. The user is responsible for setting the appropriate setting (whether it'll be interpreted as ToS, DSCP and/or ECN). Values between 0 and 254 are valid.
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