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What is IPMI?

IPMI allows you to gain remote-access when the HSMX is powered-off or unresponsive. IPMI also provides access to a vast array of hardware sensors and can alert administrators for unfavorable conditions (fan failure, …). IPMI is currently available on the HSMX-APP-20000.

Configure out-of-band access (IPMI)

Boot the machine and access the BIOS by pressing DEL (continously tapping DEL during boot until the BIOS opens works) Use your arrow keys to select the IPMI tab in your BIOS and confirm your change with ENTER img Select BMC network configuration and tap enter. The factory default is to use DHCP addressing. It's recommended to use static IP addressing; to change the addressing mode press space or enter to change Update IPMI LAN configuration.

Now change the network settings and exit the bios by pressing ESC once.

You'll be back in the main BIOS screen. Tap the right arrow three times to select Save & Exit and the down key once to select Save Changes and Reset

You should be able to browse to your IPMI web-page on the configured IP-address and sign-in with default values username and password ADMIN. You should immediately change the credentials as following: This will show an overview of configured IPMI users. Select the ADMIN account and select Modify User Change the password and press save.

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