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Create a backup

  • Click on System → System backup

Backup settings

Here you configure when the sustem needs to take a backup automatically. It is possible to use a remote location to store the backup files. Therefore you need to configure a remote location. Just enable “Backup files to” and select a location when there are remote locations.

It is always possible to create inmedieately a backup. Just click on backup now.


Here you can remove, restore, download or upload a backup

Remote locations

  • Click on the plus symbol in the upper right corner
  • Choose FTP,sFTP or FTPs
  • Fill in a name, host, path, port, username and password
  • Choose between Active and Passive
  • Click on Add


  • Supported servers: CoreFTP, psFTPd, FileZilla and OpenSSH.
  • The path you enter must exist before the HSMX tries to upload it's backup. HSMX will not create these folders.
  • CoreFTP can experience a problem where folder creation occurs but is reported back as faulty.
  • When using psFTPd in FTPs enable passive mode.
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