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Create a billing plan

  • Click on BillingBilling plan
  • Click on the in the upper right corner
  • Choose a type:
    • PrePaid: the subscriber pays in advance
    • PostPaid: the subscriber pays afterwards
    • Free access: the subscriber doesn't need to pay
  • Configure next items when needed:
    • Global settings (required)
    • Network settings
    • Time settings
    • Logical settings
    • Other settings

Global settings

  • Fill in the English name and description
  • Fill in the Name and Description in an other language (or English)
  • Fill in a price and select a currency

Network settings

  • Bandwidth up:
  • Bandwidth down:
  • Small bandwidth reset:
  • Small bandwidth up:
  • Small bandwidth down:
  • Volume up:
  • Volume down:
  • Network policy:
  • QoS profile:
  • Content filter:
  • WAN connection:
  • IP-upsell:

Time settings

  • Idle timeout:
  • Session timeout:
  • Expiry timeout:
  • Expire account after creation:
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Time based access between:
  • Calendar days:

Logical settings

Their is a difference between the logical settings for prepaid subscribers and for free subscribers.

Prepaid subscribers

  • Location
  • Simultaneous use
  • Limit account to
  • Max concurrent packages
  • Expire on checkout
  • Delay expiration

free subscirbers

  • Location
  • Simultaneous use
  • Limit account to
  • Max concurrent packages
  • Recurrence:
    • Hours per MAC
    • once per MAC
    • times per MAC
    • hours per guest id
    • once per guest id
    • hours per user
    • once per user
    • times per user
    • unlimited
  • Expire account when guest check out
  • Delay expiration

Other settings

  • Sales outlet


If there need to be a network policy, QoS profile or content filter then you need to select them in the network settings.


Billing by volume

  • You need to fill in the volume up and volume down in network settings

Billing by time

  • You need to fill in the session timeout.

Billing by bandwidth

  • You need to fill in bandwidth up and down
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