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Create a port forward

In this example we create a port forward to the management network that contains a 'server' with a static IP address This server runs SSH on port 22/tcp.

We create a port-forward with the following settings:

We can confirm functionality by SSH'ing to the WAN ip address port forward. If everything works correctly we should be able to access the remote device (connection refused or timed-out otherwise).


  • If the target device lays in a subscriber network then the device should be an active subscriber, otherwise communication will be prevented.
  • If the source is not the active WAN interface (or interfaces with wan-load-balancing) but a WAN interface for Management network purposes, you need to create-a-port-forward-from-a-non-primary-wan-interface.
  • You cannot assign multiple times the same port/protocol unless you configure w/ source-based filtering.
  • When you forward a port, you still need to open the firewall on the WAN side (firewall).
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