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Create a registration form

You can use registration forms to gather information from your subscribers, based upon that data you can pick how the username should be generated. It's possible to combine registration forms with with OAuth to enable subscribers identify their-selves using social media handles (Facebook, Twitter …). Registration forms can only be used with free billing plans.

Optional: You need to create custom fields before being able to use them on a registration form.

Browse to Layout → Registration forms and click on in the upper right corner. A form will be shown with the available registration form fields. Check the fields you wish to ask your subscribers and optionally configure the label Placeholder. Use Validate to check input on submission there are three options:

  • No validation: default
  • Not empty: requires a non-whitespace character
  • Advanced: uses regular expressions to validate input

Enable HTML5 validation to perform client-side input validation, without all input checks will be done on the HSMX gateway. Choose a Billing plan to be associated with this registration form. The next step defines how the subscriber username is composed:

  • No username: uses the subscriber MAC or IP address to generate a predictable value
  • Use guest data: recycles subscriber form input to base the username. The most popular option is based off E-mail address. The password is randomly generated (see next option for explanation).
  • Generate username generates a username/password based on random:
    • Character Length of username or password
    • Type can be: numeric, alphabetic or alphanumeric
    • Username or password letter Case can be Lowercase, Uppercase or Random
    • note: When Voucher Code Only is enabled, the password generation setting are used.
  • Manual: allows the user to choose it's username, don't forget to check both Form fields.

If you are interested in using OAuth to identify your users, read setup-guest-forms-using-oauth.

On successful registration behavior can be configured. You can show a predefined message, make sure to use the placeholders ||username|| and ||password|| to print out credentials or Redirect to internal page on the HSMX gateway. The most popular options are registration confirmation options (Send e-mail, send SMS) and Autologin which does what it's name implies.

Last but not least; give the registration form a Name and decide whether it should be visible for use in portal rules and/or admin interface (create subscriber drop-down form selection).

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