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Create a rule

There are two sorts of rules: portal rules and upgrade rules.

Portal rules

The (portal page) rules determine what portal will be displayed to the client.

  • Click on Service → Rules → in the upper right corner
  • Fill in a name and select a portal page
  • Fill in the optional fields and click on submit
  • Choose a rule type and click on submit

It is possible to have multiple rules. The portal page that a subscriber will see is depending on the sequence of the rules. You can change this sequence by clicking on the up/down arrow next to the rule name.

Upgrade rules

Upgrade rules are triggered when a client want to upgrade his current package. This happens when they enter the upgrade domain in their browser e.g. The upgrade rules are identical to the standard rules but they only have the option to specify the billing packages. There is also an additional trigger, the current billing plan of the subscriber.

  • Click on service → rules
  • Click on the upgrade rule tab
  • Click on the in the upper right corner
  • Fill in a name and select a billing plan
  • Click on the save button
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