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Install HSMX with a separate log partition

Halfway during the installer you'll be presented the option to choose your partitioning. Enable Review and modify partitioning layout and click Next.

This screen displays the current partitioning layout. Select VolGroup00 and click Edit. VolGroup00 contains the main operating system partition and a swap partition (similar to a swap file on Windows). LogVol00 is the root partition, recognizable from it's / mount-point. Select LogVol00 and Edit. The minimum size the root partition needs to be is 4 GB, although we recommend customers to play it safe and reserve 10 GB. Change the size by entering a new Size and confirm with OK. In the screenshot the original size was 12256 MB and it's been reduced to 4256 MB. You'll be thrown back to the VolGroup00-overview, now add the log partition. Select Add and use /hsm/log as Mount Point, filesystem can be left at ext3. For consistency the logical volume/partition was named LogVol02 and the size was configured to the maximum space left. Confirm with OK The VolGroup00-overview should now look more-or-less like depicted above. Once confirmed with OK; the partition tool shows the an overview similar to the following. Proceed with Next The last step can be skipped (defaults are good) with Next.

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