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How to interpret subscriber log-out status messages

  • User-Request
    When subscriber requests a log-out by browsing to the log-out domain or IP address.
  • Lost-Carrier
    When a subscriber doesn't send traffic for a long period or the configured setting in Subscribers > Settings > Device Connectivity.
  • Idle-Timeout
    If idle timeout has been set in the subscribers billing-plan, this can be a cause, the subscriber should be able to resume his session if it hasn't been configured for 'only once'.
  • Session-Timeout
    Happens at the end of a subscriber session.
  • Admin-Reset
    When a subscriber is being logged out by an admin through the web-interface.
  • Lost-Session
  • New-IP
    If subscribers is using a layer two network with mac spoof count option enabled in advanced subscriber network settings. Is triggered when a subscriber IP/MAC combination changes due to eg. DHCP lease time, new static IP configuration…
  • Roaming
    When a subscriber roams from one subscriber network to another.
  • Small bandwidth reset
    When the subscriber used more than it's allowed bandwidth according to his billing-plan.
  • Time based access
    Subscriber session is terminated because of time restrictions of billing-plan or Event.
  • Please contact us if you notice different log-out messages.
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