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Intrusion detection

The intrusion detection module safeguards the system web-interface by actively blocking or warning when brute force log-in attempts are undertaken.

  • Click on Security → Intrusion Detection
  • Enable intrusion detection
  • Choose to block external logins for x minutes or move IP address to black list
  • Optionally enable send an a-mail to the administrator

Note: if you enable both block external logins for x minutes and move IP address to black list, the black list will take precedence. This means that after the first failed attempt, the IP will be moved onto the black list and subsequent attempts will fail.

Black list/ White list

You can add IP addresses on the blacklist one-by-one or by range. A subscriber can continue to use the guest network when his IP address is blacklisted, he is simply prohibited from accessing the HSMX management web-interface. Only the start IP address needs to be filled in when black or white listing a single IP address.

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