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Log settings

There are 2 types of log settings

  • System log: This data can be viewed in Tools → Logging → syslog
  • Lawfull interception: This option need to be enabled if you want to see what a subscriber visited on the network and/or sites. It can be viewed at Tools → Logging → Lawful interception

You can easily reset a logfile when performing a factory reset.

System log

Enable the logs you want to see in the syslog. You can also send the logs to an external server by filling in the syslog server field. The log files that can be enabled are:

  • AAA
  • Radius
  • Portal
  • Config
  • Xml
  • System
  • Cluster

Lawful interception

You need to enable it when you want to use it.

There're a few options that can be selected:

  • Username
  • MAC address
  • Source IP
  • Source port
  • Destination IP
  • Destionation port
  • Package length
  • Protocol

When you want to use the remote logging you need to enable “Enable syslog” and fill in a remote server.

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