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How to edit a portal

It is possible to edit a hsmx portal.

  • Click on layout → portal page
  • Select the portal page that you want to edit
  • Click on Go to editor
  • You will now see the editor

The editor

  1. Add container
  2. Edit container
  3. Delete container
  4. Edit content
  5. Delete content
  6. Edit link style
  7. Change page
  8. Add custom page
  9. Find container
  10. Export
  11. Import
  12. Publish HTML
  13. Page title
  14. Language selection

Edit a page

You just need to click on an item if you want to edit it. A new menu will apear.


Situation: You want to create a registration portal.

Steps to follow

You first need to make a registration form. Then you need a new portal page. Then select the editor of the new portal page.

Next window will apear when you click in the white space and then click on Add new container.

Here you need to fill in some fields like the width, height, … Click save when done.

Next you need to click in the new container and click on Edit content. Select in the first dropdownlist “use existing content” and in the second one “Register form”.

You will see at the bottom of the next screen Translation. Click on it and check if all the languages that are needed are filled in. Click save when done. The final step is to click on Publish HTML page (12).


You can always check if the portal page is ok by clicking on show preview.

  • Click on Layout → portal page
  • Select the one you just created
  • Enable the registration form
  • Click on preview
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