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Reboot with file system consistency check

  • Go to System → Reboot Server
  • Click on 'Reboot with file system consistency check'


When applying this the system will be rebooted and execute a 'file system consistency check' during the boot procedure. The system hard disk can become inconsistent off old age combined with heavy usage of hard disk. Or by improperly shut-down OS and file system.


While the consistency check is running you will get a progressbar.

In case of no errors the HSMX will boot after the fsck check is done. In case of severe errors, manual intervention could be needed. Below is a console window example of such a case.

Here you have to enter the root password (which can be supplied by support ). The default keyboard layout is be-latin (Azerty) except if you installed the hsmx with iso then it will be layout choosen during install procedure. To convert your password to be-latin1 layout you can use:

After the login you have to run (with /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol02 the device shown in error log in console):

fsck /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol02

Please contact support for more information.

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