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Redirection daemon

The redirection daemon is existing out of three parts.

  • Portal filters
  • Access log
  • Proxy

Portal filters

Filters are designed to answer to specific User agents, hosts, paths and destination IPs for non-authenticated subscribers. These can be used to perform redirections, mimic internet checks, block unwanted browsers, … A few predefined filters can be found in the drop-down menu.

Access log

A list of user agents that reached the portal page. You just need to click on the funnel symbol if you want to block a user agent. Then you will be redirected to the portal filter page which will already by partly filled in. You just need to choose a http header.


Here you can define some common proxy ports, if someone uses one of these ports a message, configured in return content, will be showed. This way you can tell the customer to disable the proxy settings before connecting to the internet.

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