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Recommendations for upgrading the database


The main advantage the new database brings is improved performance, security and stability.

Before you start

Before you run the upgrade make sure you take a back-up and store it offsite. Running the upgrade will add significant load to the system so please plan a maintenance window if no suitable time can be found. Do not reboot the machine during the upgrade; we prefer if you let us review the system before rebooting (if still necessary).

To start the upgrade browse to System → Performance and make sure you are running at least version 5.1.06.


There are three main stages during the upgrade:

  • Export data to file
  • Update database binaries
  • Import data from file into new database

The first and third stage consume most time and depend on the database size which can be estimated by the size of a back-up file (back-up files contain the database) and the storage medium; solid-state drives have a clear advantage over traditional rotating storage.


  • 3GB database on SSD: less than 5 minutes
  • 20GB database on SSD: ~30 minutes

Clusters beware

Note: In 5.1.07 clusters machines were disabled to upgrade their database. Please contact support to arrange and schedule an upgrade maintenance appointment. We prefer with clusters to keep an eye on the process as it's a little more riskee.

You must run the same database version on both cluster nodes. The recommended upgrade-flow is to bring down externally the LAN interfaces of the secondary node. Detach the cluster and start the upgrade on the secondary node first.

Normally we would re-assemble the cluster and swap the active-passive node manually but since you cannot mix & match the old with the new database version at this point you need to disable AAA on the active node (change network interface to Open or Unmanaged) and run the DB upgrade.

Once both nodes are upgraded you can re-assemble the cluster and re-enable the secondary LAN ports on your equipment (switch).

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