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The HSMX gateway platform understands virtual LANs. The HSMX has two ways of interacting with VLAN tagged/untagged traffic. There are two main modes of addressing VLANs on the HSMX: explicit VLAN tagging and implicit.

Explicit VLAN mode

Explict VLAN tagging requires you to define all VLAN tags as network interface. You can then assign a function to this network interface (managed/unmanaged/wan).


To configure a virtual network browse to Network → Network configuration and select the second tab: network ports. Choose a name and VLAN ID, use the table to match a physical port to a specific network interface name (typically: eth<N>) and click on Add.

Implicit VLAN mode

In implicit VLAN (or AnyVLAN) mode a network interface is configured as subscriber network (managed) and listens to all VLANs. You can control the VLAN segments behavior by creating a Location based on the network interface and VLAN tag.


To create an implicit VLAN interface first define a network interface and assign it as subscriber network (managed mode) on Network → Network Configuration, then browse to the advanced subscriber network settings and enable Listen to all VLANs.

Observed VLAN tags

Once AnyVLAN is enabled you can find a list of Observed VLAN tags in the Subscriber Network > Advanced settings. This can be useful to debug your switch configuration. When we receive too many packets per minute with a VLAN tag that isn't configured in Locations an warning message will be added to the System Log.

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