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 +====== Advanced Subscriber Network settings ======
 +===== Network settings =====
 +Layer 3
 +Enable advanced port settings
 +Broadcast GARP
 +Listen to all VLANs
 +Logout on VLAN roaming
 +Any IP subnet
 +Any IP exclude
 +Max mac spoofing
 +Send buffer
 +Receive buffer
 +Logout IP
 +Additional port forwarding
 +===== Virtual guest network =====
 +Parent IP
 +===== Misc. =====
 +  * **Disable state file**
 +  * **Enable debug log**
 +  * **Max children (resourse limit)**
 +===== Background tasks =====
 +  * **VLAN update** \\ Check location AAA state when guest changes VLAN.
 +  * **Enable MAC up** \\ Perform MAC based authentication when the MAC address is being detected for the first time.
 +  * **Release on roam** \\ Part of the MAC up background task, will release / logout the MAC address on all guest networks.
 +===== Static devices =====
 +Static devices are the most permanent form of subscribers. They are authenticated (active) during the entire operation but you cannot apply any settings upon them.
 +  * Lawful interception will log their data but this can only be viewed from within the system log viewer in <​q>​Tools -> Logging -> Lawful interception</​q>​.
 +  * if enabled DNS logging will log data but this can only be viewed in the system log viewer.
 +Read [[howto/​add-a-static-device]] to configure a new static device.
 +===== Used walled entries =====
 +This will contain a list of active walled-garden entries. The walled-garden contains an entry per destination per subscriber. ​
 +  * **Host** Subscriber IP
 +  * **Mask** Destination IP ( means any)
 +  * **Port**: Walled-garden destination port (0 equals any)
 +  * **Expiry**: Expiration time in seconds (0 means forever)
 +  * **Type**: ​
 +    * <​q>​static garden</​q>​ These entries are permanently entered by defaults or configuration ([[howto/​walled-garden]]).
 +    * <​q>​dynamic garden</​q>​ When using registration-forms with OAuth walled-garden new entries will appear as this type.
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