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Adding an event is similar to adding an account but with support for additional features. People will be able to login with the username created and the event name will be shown in the calendar overview. Additionally you can choose to execute functions based on the start date and end date of the event.


An overview of all created events, clicking on a date will open the dayview window where you can see the start time and end time of an event and the possibility to alter the account.


Functions are shell commands that can be executed on an external device.

  • Add the device where the commands will be executed (devices tab)
  • Create a batch and attach it to a device (functions tabs)
  • Add the commands (click on the gear icon after adding a batch in the functions tab)

When adding commands you can make use of dynamic variables by adding a word between { }, these variables will then be asked when creating an event and replaced when executing. For example: add ssid {ssid}, when we now create an event and enable this function, the system will ask us the value to replace {ssid}. At time of execution the word between { } will be replaced by the value we entered when creating the event. This way you can reuse the same batch for different purposes.

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