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 +===== Homepage =====
 +The Home screen is a strategic overview of the system, this is the place where you can monitor the system in glance. The content of the home screen can be personalized and can contain the following widgets:
 +  * Locations
 +  * Leases (used IP addressess from a guest network)
 +  * Health
 +  * Filters (rules configured in the redirection daemon module as well as the portal hits)
 +  * Bandwidth report
 +  * Packets (amount of billings bought)
 +  * Subscribers (active, idle and pending subscribers)
 +  * User license
 +  * Update
 +  * Monthly statistics
 +  * User statistics
 +  * Log
 +  * Revenue
 +  * Rooms
 +  * Subscriber networks
 +  * Devices
 +  * Webserver connections
 +To activate the widgets, click on the jigsaw icon in the submenu. You can activate or deactivate the widgets by clicking the checkbox of the corresponding widget. The widgets are then displayed on the front page, you can reorder the widget by using drag-and-drop to the location of your preference. This page is personal so each administrator can update it to its own preferences.
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