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Portal design


  • Create cookieless portals. See Create a cookie-less portal for more info.
  • Design tip: Create first a design for a small screen resolution.

Page explanation

All these pages are also explained in the file that you can find on this page.


Sample portal files:

    • pms_login
    • registration form (with message field)
    • basic status page
    • more advanced status page
    • plan page
    • upgrade page
    • Contains a sample sms login portal
    • A message can be shown when adding a message field (see for an example)

You can find the explanation in comment in the php files. The contains multiple example portal pages. You'll need to rename the examplePMS_login.php or expampleRegistration.php to login.php when you want to have a working example. You'll also need to copy the status page that you want to use from the status directory to the root directory and rename the file to status.php

The sms portal page is working with a registration form (id is 1). See Create a registration form for more info about the registration forms.

Don't hesitate to contact support support when you have a question. You can also find a third example portal on the hsmx (Custom portal page) which is having an example of following pages:

  • forgot.php (to reset a password)
  • invoice.php
  • login.php (voucher login + pms login)
  • newuser.php
  • password.php
  • plan.php
  • upgrade.php
  • subscribe.php
  • popupblocked.php
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