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Auto-login subscribers using registration-forms

The simplest way to get subscribers online without interaction is to employ an hidden registration form. The basic idea is to submit an empty registration form in the background upon the subscribers first HTTP call.

Configure a registration form

Free-access billing plan

For this guide we created a free billing plan with bandwidth limits and unlimited recurrence. Head to Billing → Billing Plan to create one of type Free access.

Create the registration form

Create a new registration form by browsing to Layout → Registration forms (use the +-icon in the sub-menu). Since we do not wish for any interaction we only configure the Free-access billing-plan and enable Auto-login. Give the registration form a name and enable Visible for portal use.

Create the captive-portal

Download Autologin registration form and head to Layout → Portal Page. Once on the Overview tab use the +-icon in the right hand corner to add a new captive portal. Give it a name and select Custom HSM portal and click Add. After submission you'll be shown the portal settings, upload You should now select the registration form you'd like to use with this portal, enable the registration form you previously created. Make sure the enabled registration form is first in the list. Use the up/down arrows on the left side to move your registration form into first(/top) position. There's nothing else that needs to be changed, the defaults are good.

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