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Configure an offline portal

It's possible to serve a special portal when the HSMX detects it has no Internet connectivity. This portal can be used to inform the subscribers the Internet is currently not available or to serve offline content.

How it works

DNS resolving is used for offline-detection. The online-check is ran each minute and will attempt to resolve a static domain name ( a user-configurable amount of times. If this fails the system is switched into offline-mode. The next minute DNS resolving is tested again successful offline-mode is turned off again.

There are two possible configurations in offline mode:

  • Default error message ( screenshot)
    This mode will present the subscriber with the default error message when offline mode is triggered.
  • Portal Rules
    Parse the Portal-Rules to decide how to further handle the request.


The first step is to enable offline mode in Network → DNS and tick Enable offline mode and set the mode of operation.

Configure the Display option to match your preference. Pick Message to show the default offline message to your subscribers or select Portal Rules. If you have selected for Portal Rules browse to Layout → Portal Page → Rules and add a new rule. Adding a new portal rule is always a two step process. First we configure the general portal-rule settings that will be applicable once triggered.

Next step is to select the portal-rule trigger, we select Offline mode:

When Portal Rules is selected but no rule matches […].

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