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Setup LDAP for subscriber authentication

LDAP settings

  • Go to Periphery → LDAP settings
  • Fill in a name and the address of the server in Active Directory Server
  • Fill in the correct port 389 or 636 (secure)

Guest authentication

  • Go to Service → guest authentication
  • Choose LDAP in the dropdown for the prefered location.(When you want to use it on all locations select all)
  • Click on save

Additional info

Debug tips


  • The CN-attribute is the display name
  • Bind authentication:Try to find the complete id by opening your “Active Directory Users and Computers” and verify that Advanced features is checked ON in the view-menu. Open properties on your bind-user, click the Attribute Editor-pane and find the attribute “distinguishedName”. This is the complete RDN you need to input on the FDX.
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