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HSMX 5.0.01

Key features

  • New intuitive admin interface
  • New DHCP implementation (load sharing over multiple LAN interfaces / profile based dhcp)
  • New client / server model (better integration of an authentication server and client gateways)
  • Daisy chain authentication supporting local database / external RADIUS and ldap (active directory)
  • Possibility to manually check-in / check-out and update rooms
  • Health reporting treshold
  • Redirection daemon can be configured per LAN port for a more precise configuration
  • iPass support and certification
  • Support for the RADIUS class attribute.
  • Conference tool
    • Execute external functions (SSID creation / VLAN manipulation)
    • Book conference
    • Calendar view
  • Reporting tool
  • PMS improvement (Room sharing option)
  • Bandwidth graph and history per subscriber / conference.
  • 802.1x support
  • Global DNS blocking options available
  • Social network integration improvements (added support for google+)
  • License change, room option, option to only count simultanious users of a single room as a single user license. Automatically shares bandwidth across simultanious users
  • global walled garden
  • Several admin interface bug fixes


  • Perform a backup of your system, with this backup it is possible to roll-back to the old version by manually installing the HSMX 4.7 firmware and loading the backup.
  • Devices that have a cluster license will have the user license halved, with the devices clustered this will result in a full license again, but when run standalone they will only have access to half the user license.

Known limitations

  • Client / server (virtual subscriber networks) will need to be reconfigured. Consult the manual and the “what's new in 5.0” to see what is changed and how it needfs to be setup.
  • DHCP relay support not available.
  • Subscriber network with AAA off manually need to be set to unmanaged to avoid users from getting the login page or a location should be created with the status AAA off.
  • When using the pre-authentication URL feature. Please contact support for the correct migration of this feature to version 5.0
  • Any ip feature is disable by default, check out what is new in 5.0 ( for the configuration of the module.
  • You will be logged out during the update.
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