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HSMX 5.0.03

  • LDAP over SSL support
  • Option to duplicate billing plan.
  • Create subscriber / create vouchers / creating through XML have now 1 global creation setting (username/password length, type and case)
  • POS user support for custom fields
  • POS bugfix, added logout menu
  • Error message per field added (registration forms)
  • Added more field types for custom fields
  • Post rewrite rules, change user input before going through the HSMX logic (e.g. mobile number input)
  • Time based portal rules (based on calendar days)
  • SMS resend limitation (registration forms only)
  • Intrusion detection blacklist improvement, auto complete IP range for guest networks
  • Import/ export access points list (802.1X)
  • Health status report in calendar view
  • Minor GUI bugfixes / improvements
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