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release notes

New features in this release

  • DNS reporting and logging (FEAT-47)
    This feature logs all DNS requests and keeps statistics about the most looked up domains (widget available). howto: collect DNS statistics
  • White list (FEAT-882)
    A whitelist can be configured so you can authenticate users to a whitelist (like the walled garden) rather than full access. howto: whitelist
  • Speed test (FEAT-889)
    A speed test for the WAN can now be run from the connection test tool, this uses the service. howto: run speedtest
  • Static device support (FEAT-962)
    A static device (e.g. an IP Camera) can now be configured to completely bypass authentication needed for port forwarding. howto: add a bypass-auth device
  • PMS (fias daemon) now support the CP850 (Western Europe) and CP860 (Portuguese) charset (FEAT-1001)
  • Blacklist now support DNS based blacklisting without the need to proxy all http traffic, this generates less load and doesn't affect throughput (FEAT-1028)
  • Update process is improved, OS updates are now served by our download server so this process always uses the same destination IP.

Minor feature updates

  • Dropping malformed DNS is now logged with MAC address and IP. (ISSUE-752)
  • DHCP Static DHCP entries do not need to fall in start and end ip configured for this subnet.(ISSUE-707)
  • LDAPS support now ignores invalid or self signed certificates (ISSUE-745).
  • LDAPS now has full UTF8 charset support (ISSUE-1089).
  • Download log now supports downloading the log file for multiple PMS connections (ISSUE-817)
  • Registration forms, order in the portal settings is no longer changed when disabling or enabling forms (FEAT-51)
  • Walled garden display of current items is now available in the control panel of the subscriber network. (FEAT-339)
  • Connected devices has now a global search function and a global list (FEAT-348, 450)
  • Performance settings now have more descriptive labels for the unit in PHP settings (FEAT-362)
  • Walled garden, option to drop entire list (FEAT-629)
  • System health now checks the connection to the client gateways so it can be reported when down (FEAT-691)
  • Performance tuning the embedded DNS forwarder to set cache size (FEAT-717)
  • Walled garden now stores a state file so on reload the already available entries are reapplied. (FEAT-883)
  • User based rate limit (network policies) is now possible based on destination ip, destination port and protocol.
  • In Layer 3 mode we now list and authenticate the user's MAC address when we are the DHCP server.

Bug fixes

  • resolves a redirect issue when charging through PMS. (ISSUE-722)
  • resolves a language file not being loaded when having reports as first page. (ISSUE-1048)
  • resolves a issue with the XML API where the login would fail when having Limit account to 1 mac address set in the account. (ISSUE-728)
  • Update for the inline help for the subnet page (ISSUE-658)
  • Idle users were not counted in the location in a client
  • server setup (ISSUE-688)
  • Detail for device was not shown properly when using a layer3 network in the section connected devices (ISSUE-689)
  • Resolves a problem where the currency chance was not reflecting the billing tiers (ISSUE-794)
  • Access control always allowed password policy and language (ISSUE-833)
  • SFTP login's for portals frequent failed on changing the password (ISSUE-881)
  • Fixed a formatting error in the lawful intercept for ICMP packets (ISSUE-757)
  • Voucher length now needs to be specified in subscriber → settings, no longer on creation. (ISSUE-742)
  • PMS connection settings did not accept a value for the database swap at a specific time. (ISSUE-873)
  • Internet explorer issue in displaying the network policies has been resolved. (ISSUE-599)
  • Hiding incompatible options for PPPoE and other small GUI improvements for PPPoE (ISSUE-607, 608)
  • SNMP trap was not sent on failover (ISSUE-718)
  • Admin GUI update resolving an issue were a PMS policy gets deleted on cancel (ISSUE-753)
  • Unmanaged networks are now properly listed in the widget as having AAA disabled. (FEAT-572)
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