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  • DNS Content filtering: block traffic based on destination domain-name (DNS). This feature requires less processing resources than URL based content filtering and also blocks SSL/HTTPS web traffic.
  • Redirection-daemon: use HTTP Get variables from the original request in the HTTP response header and body (FEAT-1369)
  • Use the DHCP-server on WAN interfaces (FEAT-570).
  • Mass-removal of subscribers.
  • Disk widget reports disk usage of separate log partition (and root partition).
  • URL logging uses considerably less resources.
  • URL logging stores the referral and User-Agent in the URL (download log only).
  • DHCP logging has own logging facility (FEAT-1665).
  • Wan-load-balancing now has a separate log facility.
  • Default Log-out IP ( now trigger on all UDP and TCP ports (instead of only HTTP: 80/TCP) (FEAT-1137).
  • Changing performance settings generates a log-entry.
  • Updated Intel igb driver to support most recent Intel i350-T2 and T4 adapters (ISSUE-1705).
  • Lawful interception logs when NAT is disabled.

Bug fixes

  • Leases widget bug which gave wrong values in rare condition (FEAT-1399).
  • Firewall subnet: configured subnet for source IP and destination IP is now correctly shown (ISSUE-1123).
  • Clone mark added for copied registration forms (ISSUE-1123).
  • Showing correct port name in load balancing (ISSUE-1069).
  • Increased length of User-Agent field in access log (ISSUE-970).
  • Printer portal: fixed display of translations when it contains special symbols (ISSUE-763).
  • Guest network debug option disabled for new installations (ISSUE-1274).
  • Connected devices in gateway/auth mode on the server: removed the info button (ISSUE-1359).
  • 802.1x certificates have been updated.
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