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  • Web-Notifications: Allow to launch an HTTP(s) call on events
  • BACKUP: DNS log files can be downloaded
  • DATABASE: Database can be upgraded, to improve performance (recommendations)
  • BACKUP: Import/export functionality for Devices, Portal Languages and White-list configuration
  • PORTAL: Added sessionid attribute to registration forms redirection URL
  • RADIUS: Network policy attribute allows reference by name instead of ID
  • RADIUS: QOS profile can be configured with new attribute
  • RADIUS: Status page and log-out console are now compatible
  • RADIUS: WAN-interface attribute can reference by name
  • XML-API: Added support for locations and billing-records (xml)


  • CLS: Licensing can temporarily stretch during license server outages
  • CLUSTER: Significantly improved speed-performance for WAN Alias IP addresses
  • HEALTH: Added checks for WAN alias IP addresses
  • HEALTH: DNS-based content-filter status is more accurately reflected
  • NTP: Improved NTP client with UDP/123 blocking providers
  • SECURITY: Auto-complete disabled for sensitive HTML form fields
  • SECURITY: Disabled publicly accessible mod_status
  • SECURITY: Disabled TLS/SSL server support for RC4 cipher algorithms
  • SECURITY: HTTP TRACE method disabled
  • SECURITY: Improved firewall restrictions when using Additional port forwarding
  • TASKMGR: Full database optimization now also re-indexes the database
  • WEB: Added audit log entries for back-up/restore operations


  • CLUSTER: DNS-based content-filters are now cluster compatible
  • FIELDS: Improved support for custom-fields with spaces in their names
  • LAN: Fixed double ICMP & ARP replies
  • NAT: Allow port-forwarding on privileged ports (<1025) unless a local service uses the port
  • PMS: Guest room moves reflect accurately in subscriber details
  • PMS: Improved character handling for alphanumeric room numbers
  • RADIUS: Missing NAS-port is added to Accounting packets
  • WAN-LB w/ 1-to-1 NAT: IP addresses egressing over wrong WAN-interface
  • WAN-LB w/ Content-filtering: Health status wasn't checked correctly
  • WAN-LB: Improved failure detection for DHCP interfaces
  • WEB: Activating devices in gw/auth mode falsely displayed empty location All
  • WEB: PMS floor values are now shown in overview of Rooms
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