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  • AAA: Static devices in layer3 can be preconfigured with IP and optional MAC.
  • DNS: SRV record-type is now supported
  • GUI: Ability to sort on Any column in Connected-devices
  • XML: Ability to immediately activate new plans via add_plan
  • XML: New command get_locations
  • XML: New command get_users by MAC address


  • DNS: Send requests to all configured servers
  • DNS: Ability to disable negative caching
  • GUI: Updated favicon
  • GUI: Updated MAC/Vendor list
  • GUI: Added suggestions to connectivity monitor
  • GUI: Footer now contains detailed release version and bit-version of installation
  • LOG: Improved various messages
  • PORTAL: Upgrade page for non-PMS subscribers
  • RAS: Added default entry to intrusion detection white-list


  • BACKUP: Improved log-messages and GUI layout
  • BACKUP: Fixed issue with sFTP portals and permissions
  • BILLING: Issue with multiple volume-based billing-plans per subscriber
  • CF: Fixed still running content-filter when license had expired
  • LKS: Resolved AJAX issue when applying license on new installs
  • GUI: Blocked MAC based subscribers are now listed under blocked
  • GUI: Fixed issue in performance when changing settings in rapid succession
  • NAT: PPPOE+Unmanaged interface would fail after PPPOE lease-renewal
  • POS-GUI: hide health status icon, footer and favorite menu
  • POS-GUI: Various small bug-fixes
  • PRINT: Fixed bug when translating the printer-portal to a new language
  • REPORTING: Display issue with more than 24 columns
  • WL: Issue when multiple white-lists contained the same entry
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