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  • PMS: support for many (eastern-europe) character sets
  • REPORTING: ability to generate reports in the background
  • REPORTING: new auto-preset 'last-used' settings


  • AAA: Traffic originating from a larger than subscriber network MTU is properly framed
  • BACKUP: includes subscriber overview column settings
  • CCS: New type of flow for custom clearing houses
  • DHCP: more robust configuration file handling
  • GUI: auto-completion of other node cluster IP-addresses
  • GUI: updated MAC-vendor list
  • GUI: Warning when maximum whitelist entries reached
  • LOG: added log-entry for failed invoice e-mail
  • LOG: improved volume-based billing messages
  • PORTAL: was enabled for non-PMS subscribers
  • UMS: default templates can now be used
  • WLB: improved life-cycle of IP assignment and retraction


  • BACKUP: deletion of remote backups would fail
  • CF: legacy content-filter would fail in mixed CPU architecture cluster
  • CORE: restarting subscriber network would fail in certain circumstances
  • DB: UTF8 encoding could in theory be double encoded
  • GUI: adding a static route will require a network restart
  • GUI: cluster page would occasionally swap IP-addressing
  • GUI: empty VLAN column in Subscribers Connected devices
  • GUI: new web-admin accounts use default language and are not blocked
  • GUI: search popup in subscriber overview displays advanced view by default
  • LKS: licensing would erroneously trigger on gateway in GW/AUTH setups
  • LOG: remove lawful interception logs after n days instead of months
  • LOG: DNS logging is handled akin to lawful interception logs
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