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  • AnyVLAN: Summary of received VIDs (wiki)
  • BILLING: Ability to set ToS value (wiki)
  • Stream Control: Ability to limit subscriber bandwidth within single session (wiki)
  • CORE: Ability to disable subscriber network (wiki)


  • 1-to-1: Returning upsold subscriber prefer last-used Upsold IP-address if available
  • 1-to-1: Added more log-entries
  • PORTAL: Exclude billing-plans by setting $exclude_plans with plan IDs
  • CCS: Added support for hmac_sha1
  • REPORTING: reports can be schedueled ahead in time
  • REPORTING: runs every minute instead of every five
  • BACKUP: Multiple backups per day can be created and stored
  • GW-AUTH: Connectivity has lower time-out value (off-line gateways fail faster)
  • CORE: Network restart speedup
  • LOG: Added entry when PMS subscribers cannot post charge
  • LOG: Added and re-evaluated cluster logging
  • CF-PROXY: Legacy proxy is now included Lawful Interception log
  • LOG: New entries when license subscriber limit is almost reached
  • BACKUP: Support for CoreFTPd
  • OAUTH: updated Facebook call_api_url


  • GARDEN: Addition of invalid portal redirection rules removed
  • 1-to-1: Deletion of upsold subnets and IP-addresses no more leaves remnants on the system
  • GUI: Issues in user and group management panel
  • MAIL: Fixed issues with critical health mail
  • CF-DNS: Wildcard subdomains did not evaluate properly
  • GUI: Changing subscriber usage now restarts appriorate components
  • BACKUP: Remote removal of old backups
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