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  • Autologin: added Layer 3 support.
  • BACKUP: Not allowed to backup-restore when installed version is older than version from back-up.
  • BACKUP: Every n days would execute every day
  • BACKUP: Remote log-file backups would upload and overwrite even if previous transfer was successful
  • BACKUP: Removal of remote logs happens for all remote-backup types (sFTP, FTP and FTPs).
  • CORE: Ability to enable experimental redirection daemon. Provides high-performance boost in case of subscriber networks with large amount of pending subscribers.
  • CLUSTER: WAN-interface IP-addresses occasionally would swap on cluster-disconnect.
  • DHCP: DHCP Option 43 Unifi Address (Ubiquiti Unifi)
  • GUI: Stream Control display fixes in subscriber details and billing plan.
  • GUI: Ability to use custom input fields on templates.
  • GUI: Add error message on deletion of wan-interface prohibition due to usage in WLB, 1-to-1 or Connection-tracking.
  • GUI: Username and password fields are emptied upon creating a subscriber.
  • GUI: Redirecting network-policies now support ICMP/UDP.
  • GUI: Password-policy applies to POS admins.
  • GUI: Null MAC-address (Layer 3) has no manufacturer (instead of Xerox).
  • GUI: Packet-capture filename now contains date and interface name.
  • LOG: Backup facility contains debug log level entries.
  • LOG: User-panel would generate faulty log-messages.
  • LOG: Added entries for SMS/e-mail registration, mail_window_ accounts and auto-login.


  • BACKUP: Devices module configuration during backup-restore operations.
  • CLUSTER: Upon cluster-disable WAN IP-addresses could swap.
  • CLUSTER: Node wouldn't properly boot when other node was offline.
  • CLUSTER: Automatic restore of Qos setup after failover.
  • LI: Lawful-interception would experience issue upon reboot.
  • LOG: Fixed log-messages of user-manager.
  • PMS: Serial connections could experience problems due to missing encoding attribute.
  • REPORTING: empty columns issue.
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