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  • AAA: Location state open has configurable settings per Location
  • BACKUP: Remote location test button
  • HELP: Inline help text editor (wiki)


  • CF-DNS: Blocked pages are now properly redirected solving issues with ad-block and HTTPs support
  • FW: New rules have default state ALL
  • FW: Support for OSPF
  • GRAPH: Bandwidth graphs Y-axis is base 2 instead of base 10
  • GUI: Reporting has improved report history overview
  • GUI: Uploading MAC subscribers has optional column status column (wiki)
  • LAN: Subscriber network settings are retained after roll-back to Managed interface type
  • POS: Subscriber search on username, IP and MAC
  • POS: Configurable subscriber columns in overview (wiki)
  • REPORT: Added Revenue per Location and Billing-plan
  • REPORT: Added Subscribers per Location and Billing-plan
  • REGFORM: New validation options for Checkbox type (wiki)
  • WAN: Ability to run without gateway configured


  • BACKUP: Changes in subscriber overview column preferences wouldn't save
  • CF-DNS: Change in allow/blocked entries would only be applied to first subscriber network
  • DHCP: Upon subscriber network restart the DHCP server is also restarted
  • DHCP: Updating subscriber subnet interface in layer3 restarts DHCP-server
  • GUI: Paging issue with Content-filters and more than ten white-list entries
  • GUI: Adding MAC addresses via connected devices works again
  • GUI: Configured WLB attribute in billing-plan would be hidden if WLB was disabled
  • LOG: Legacy SMS facility log-messages contain more information
  • LOG: Invalid login provides a more descriptive error message on the portal
  • NETPOL: Adding a destination without subnetmask would default to /24 now /32
  • POS: Accounts created as regular admins and updated to POS-type had permission issues
  • PMS: Rooms with no guests would be charged in rare cases
  • PMS: Deleting accounts resets free billing options
  • REGFORM: Wouldn't properly evaluate regular-expression validation settings
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