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  • NETWORK: IPv6 support for management interfaces.
  • CONTENT FILTER: Built-in support for OpenDNS content filtering.


  • RADIUS: We now honor the accounting interim Interval (lowest interval is one minute).
  • FW: Separate IPv6 firewall rules.
  • REPORT: Added total used time in the session report.
  • DNS: Option to operate without the built-in DNS forwarder.
  • WISPR: Configurable RADIUS WISPR settings.
  • CONTENT: Block page is served by the traffic gateways in a client server setup.
  • CLS: Support for central licensing in a cluster setup.


  • NETWORK: Fixed a problem in interface order when using bridges.
  • CF-DNS: Block domain in DNS settings could result in a failure to start the DNS forwarder.
  • AAA: AAA off in the location didn't apply the default speed settings.
  • CONFIG: Removed some debug output in the network settings .
  • DNS: DNS settings didn't always apply properly on change.
  • REPORT: Some reports had some invalid content appended to the report.
  • isOnline: This function wouldn't always return the correct result.
  • VLAN: Subscribers VLAN detection didn't always work.
  • GUI: Moving from connected devices to another tab in subscriber overview resulted in a white page.
  • BACKUP: Backup will no longer send all files only new files.
  • XML: Content length fix for XML commands encrypted with Blowfish encryption.
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