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  • Portal rules update, portal rules can now be disabled
  • External portal monitoring
    • Monitor and external portals and automatically disable external portal rules to allow for a portal page failover.
  • Cloud Migration
    • Configure the gateway to connect to an active subscription with just a click.
  • You can now configure the walled garden with the XML API
  • You can now add MAC addresses with the XML API


  • Solves an issue where the remote acces module would fail on some devices.
  • Solved a display issue with the events module
  • Fixed a problem with one2one NAT
  • Fixed a problem to disable the XML module when no longer used.
  • Fixed a problem with the interface order not showing the correct link status.


  • Solved an issue that could allow someone to compromise the system.
  • IPv6 is now disabled by default, re-enable in system ⇒ performance
  • Removal of some unnecessary files
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